Inside-Out S’mores {A Weeknight Dessert Idea}

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Lets Make nside-Out Microwaved S'mores #LetsMakeSmores

When school let out for summer, I was so looking forward to longer, lazier, schedule-free days!
But, I feel I blinked and June slipped by!
Longer, lazier and schedule-free has turned into zany and super busy…now don’t get me wrong…I like busy…I thrive on busy, so I really shouldn’t complain….
But… being constantly busy makes me just want to take a break, every now and then…and, have a weeknight dessert of some chocolate – in S’mores form!

But, Atlanta has a ban on burning right now…
Some people say fire-pits are a no-no and some others disagree…
I’d rather err on the side of caution; so… I chose to make my s’mores indoors – in a microwave

Inside Out Microwaved Smores

And, do you wanna know what the best part about making s’mores indoors in a microwave is?
They are ready in less than 5 minutes
And the second best part about these indoor s’mores is…
They are inside-out!

Instead of chocolate sandwiched with graham crackers, you have crushed graham crackers sandwiched with chocolate.
To a chocoholic like me – THIS is a dream!

Weeknight Dessert

The idea for these popped into my head when my daughter and I saw a special Hershey s’mores display as we were bustling through our neighborhood Walmart. It had been awhile since we had had s’mores so we brought home a 6 pack – of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars!
A packet of Honey Maid Graham Cracker Squares (which are the perfect size for s’mores of all sorts!; as well as a packet of Kraft’s Jet Puffed Marshmallows also made their way home with us.


This recipe is so super simple – and, if your schedule is super busy like mine has been, it is also super quick! It would be perfect for a Weeknight Dessert or Summer Get-Together.

Lat’s start our watches and make s’more today…

#LetsMakeSmores In A Microwave Steps 1 to 2

• I started off by breaking 4 bars of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate into pieces and layered them on the bottom of a microwave safe dish (60 seconds)

• I microwaved this for 30 seconds, I took a quick look at them and microwaved them for another 20 seconds (50 secs + 60 secs = 110 secs)

• My daughter helped by pounding up 2 sleeves of Honey Maid Graham Squares – using a sandwich bag and her hands (50 secs + 110 secs = 160 secs)

#LetsMakeSmores In A Microwave Steps 3 to 4

• I then topped the chocolate with the graham crackers and sprinkled 3 tablespoons of lactose-free milk on them and microwaved them for 20 seconds (20 secs + 160 secs = 180 secs)

• I added a cup of Kraft’s Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows to the top and microwaved this for another 30 seconds (30 secs + 180 secs = 210 secs)

• I removed this dish from the microwave and added some pieces of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Hershey’s Cookies And Cream Bars to the top and microwaved it for another 25 seconds (25 secs + 210 secs = 235 secs = 3.91 minutes)

And, dessert …

Inside Out Smores #LetsMakeSmores
Tasty Inside Out Smores #LetsMakeSmores

…was ready!

The only con to this recipe is that my daughter and I couldn’t agree on the best way to eat it! I suggested a Graham cracker and she suggested a spoon! What would you use?

Delicious Inside-Out Smores #LetsMakeSmores

These Inside-Out S’mores are pretty versatile; you can use more Hershey’s Chocolate on the top, covering up all the marshmallows; or, you can even use a different type of Hershey’s Chocolate &/or a different type of Kraft’s Jet Puffed Marshmallows…but either way, this is a quick and easy dessert solution – with no need to turn on your oven or stoke your fire-pit!

Over a Fire, or in a microwave, or in an oven, or in a fireplace…what’s your favorite way to make S’mores? 

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