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Happy Thursday Yall!
Today, thanks to Amanda @ Running With Spoons, I am unleashing my inner thoughts – OUT LOUD – as:

I have been having a few blog techy issues these past couple of weeks -from inability to comment, to my site not seeming to exist, to emails of posts not being sent out- so please hang with me while I try to update/upgrade stuff on here and shake things up…or down! Thank you to all who reached out and let me know what was/wasn’t happening.

 Here in Georgia, spring seemed to last about 2 weeks! After temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s {21 to 26 degrees C}, we have plunged into the 20′s and 30′s {-6 to 1 degree C} again!

With this weird weather system, I would not be surprised if we have snow in Atlanta-in April! GAH! At least I will have enough chocolate to munch on! I ran to into this FOUR POUND bag at Costco!
chocolate chips

Speaking of food, I adore broccoli and I adore cauliflower (in all its colors), so I was super psyched to find this “broccoflower” at my grocery store!

Thinking back on those fleeting but glorious days of spring 2014, there was this one day my daughter and I found this trail – lined with wisteria – right under a busy highway – that passed by a waterfall…

Spring Colors

Spring Colors

More Spring Colors

More Spring Colors

…And ended at this house, which is referred to as “The Chesser-Williams House” and is said to be one of the oldest homes in the region that is still on its original foundation stones! It was built in the 1800′s and also has extremely rare folk art murals inside painted by a travelling German artist…

The Chesser-Williams House

The Chesser-Williams House


I came across this video of several interviews for a job titled “The World’s Toughest Job”- can you imagine being at “an associates” beck and call 24/7; 365 days of the year?!

And that’s all yall! 

Have you tried “broccoflower”? And if so -what do you think?
When snow is on the horizon, do you stock up on bread and milk? …or milk and chocolate like I do!
After watching the video – do you think the job description appropriately fits the job?

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