“Thinking Out Loud” … About Peanut Butter/Peppermint/White Chocolate Cookies!


Today, over coffee and these cookies, I am linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons to do some random musings because:
Thank you Amanda for hosting and helping me organize my otherwise haphazard mindSmile

•1• On Thursday…(today for some and tomorrow for others) I am super psyched (not to be confused with super psycho) to be the SITS featured blogger!

•2• Here in Atlanta it has been COLD! Too cold for me to get my Sri Lankan legs moving outside at any decent speed or for any decent time, so I have been running on a treadmill – and so far, am just not feeling it…so far, I have had to hop off after 2 measly miles…am hoping my treadmill running mojo returns – till then I figured I would give TapOutXT another go round! I sweated my way through this workout for 90 days last year and loved the variety! It didn’t give me quite the burn P90X continues to do,but it sure was fun and a very good core workout!

•3• I have been a little behind in catching up on news, but yesterday I came across this article about a pharmacist that went above and beyond what his job entailed; when an elderly couple showed up to pay for their prescription, they were surprised to find that they owed a lot more than they usually paid, the pharmacist swooped in and, without any hesitation, paid for their prescription! A simple and small act – but I bet it meant the world to that couple! You can read the whole article here

•4• Christmas is only 13 days away and I have not even started my Christmas shopping! GAH!!!

•5• I cam across this video titled “When You Let Your Kid Play Ball in the House” and had to share! This little chap is seriously AMAZING!

•6• I have a stash of nutbutter in my fridge, I keep them refrigerated as I love how a shovelful spoonful melts in a bowl of warm oats! or in my mouth Dribble


•7• All this nutbutter talk reminds me of how much I love “no-flour-nutbutter-and-some-form-of-chocolate-cookies” – like these peanutbutter, peppermint, white chocolate ones!
Or these “No Flour – Almond Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies” – Or these “Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Peanut Butter Cookies (No Flour/No Butter)”

•8• And finally the recipe for the cookies! 

• Workout DVD’s – yay or nay?

• Is there such a thing as too much nutbutter? Doubt it!

• What do you think of Titus?

Peanut Butter, Peppermint, White Chocolate Cookies
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  1. 8 ounces peanut butter (or nutbutter of your choice)
  2. 1 egg
  3. 2 teaspoons sugar (or more according to taste)
  4. handful each of white chocolate chips and peppermint chips
  1. Preheat Oven to 375 degrees
  2. Mix the peanut butter, egg and sugar really well with a spoon - mix will be wet, but the more you stir the more it hardens to a dough like consistency
  3. Add the white chocolate and peppermint chips
  4. Roll into balls, flatten balls and place on a parchment lined baking tray
  5. Bake for 10-12 minutes and let cool - I have found that the cooler they get, the sweeter they taste
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96 Responses to “Thinking Out Loud” … About Peanut Butter/Peppermint/White Chocolate Cookies!

  1. oh these cookies are getting us…seriously so good with peanut butter in it…and all those jars of nut butters…we would have finished all of them only if we could make it inside through the screen…ha ha,thanks so much…Have A Great Day!!! :-)

  2. #5. Best video of the year! Titus is my idol haha

  3. Those cookies look good, I would probably make them without the peppermint as I just don’t love peppermint and chocolate together at all :)

    There definitely can be too much nut butter but it depends what the situation is.

    I like workout dvds but have to be in the mood.

    • Thank you Jan – these cookies would work just as well without the peppermint, these are a staple in our house and I usually make them with dark chocolate chips.
      Too much nutbutter you say …whaaaaaat???? :)

  4. Nothing beats a stash of nut butter. I have 12 jars coming my way. I’ve literaly been counting down the days until the expected arrival date.

    Thanks for sharing these cookie recipes. Joshua and I are doing 24 Days of Togetherness and tonight is bake cookies. Will have to try the Almond Butter Chocolate Chips one =)

    • Thank you Jessie
      now seriously…
      12 Jars!!!! Whaaaaaat!!!!! I am so glad you said that – now I know there are a whole bunch of us nutbutter addicts lovers out there! :)
      If yall end up making them, I would love to know what you think – remember to add more sugar if you want a sweeter cookie. Archana @ Feeding The Foodie tried the oats/nutbutter ones out and blogged about em – http://feedingthefoodieitriedit.blogspot.com/

  5. Those cookies look good! Happy SITS Day!

  6. Wow, that is a nice stash of nut butter – I wouldn’t be able to pick just one either since I love them all :)
    Oh my, I love peppermint and peanut butter, these cookies sound divine and I would love a few for breakfast :)

    • Thank you Kelly!
      These cookies for breakfast would be a great idea! Throw some oats in and voila – like peanut butter and chocolate gluten free sandwich – in cookie form :)

  7. Okay, the cookies look absolutely DELICIOUS! YUM! And seriously that video is the cutest/best thing ever! Hope you have a fantastically fun SITS day! :)-Ashley

  8. You are my new best friend! The peanut butter/peppermint cookie recipe looks delicious. I am trying it this weekend!

  9. I thought I saw a familiar face on the SITS website this morning ;) Congratulations, Shashi! No one deserves the recognition more than you <3

    Your stash of nut butter looks very much like mine (minus the PB), except I never keep mine in the fridge :shock: I kind of have a feeling that it's recommended to do so, but I don't like how much harder it gets to spread, especially since I very rarely eat my food warm enough for it to get all melty. And that video — you just made my Thursday morning :D

    • Awww – Amanda you are the sweetest! Thank You- I am humbled by your kind compliment.

      I used to keep mine out too, but then I had a senior moment and stuck a jar of justins chocolate hazelnut butter in the fridge (and a yogurt container in the pantry) and when I grabbed me a spoonful – it tasted like frosting! With my sweet tooth and all – nutbutters of all shapes and sizes have stayed in the fridge since :)

      So glad this video made your morning – you saying that made mine! Happy Thursday lovely lady!

  10. These cookies look great!! And all those nut butters. Whoa.

  11. #4 I haven’t started Christmas shopping either and ours will be next Saturday!

    Workout DVDs are the way to go. I’d have to find someone to go with me to the gym every time. With the DVDs I can get my workout done first thing in the morning and get me going for the day.

  12. These cookies look YUMMY! I can’t look further down on your site or it’ll make me hungry (i.e. the oats/peanut butter breakfast dish) Thanks for sharing and have a great one! Happy SITS Day Shashi! -Iva

  13. It’s funny that you would post about Titus today. His aunt is my friend and neighbor. They are pretty darn proud of that little boy.

    I haven’t done any Christmas shopping either. And it’s six degrees here right now — you’re right that it’s tough to find motivation when it’s so cold!

    Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it’s a wonderful day for you. And thanks for the cookie recipe. They sound yummy!

    • Wow – his aunts your neighbor? seriously? Thats awesome! He is a very very special little chap!

      Ugh – I feel for you – its no where as cold as that here – it’s in the low 30′s and I am whining!

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and commenting!

  14. I’m going to print this and take a stab it with my little one for some xmas baking fun.

  15. Please please please don’t remind me how close Christmas is! Eek!

    Happy SITS Day – your recipes look amazing :)

  16. Lovely, festive, four-ingredient cookies!!!! And the video is quite funny…

  17. I hear ya, about being too cold for running outside! Me too. I’m not a huge fan of the treadmill so I opt for cross country skiing instead. Visiting via SITS

  18. You are one tough cookie, my friend. I know you were a kickass runner but TapOutXT? You are UH-mazing!

  19. Happy SITS Day! I hope it is a great one for you! :) To answer your question: there is no such thing as too much nutbutter (or peanut butter, as I call it), and I LOVE Dark Chocolate Dreams! YUM!! And JIF makes a chocolate hazelnut (kinda like Nutella) that is DELISH…If you’re interested. ;) :D

    • Thank you Julie
      And yay for ALL the nutbutter :)
      I am all kinds of interested in Justin’s chocolate hazelnutbutter! It is dabombdotcom – that stuff tastes like frosting when cold and has way less sugar than Nutella! I eat it with sliced bananas and gawsh!

  20. Pam

    Yum, the cookies look wonderful. Happy SITS day to you!

  21. Titus is such a cutie! As is his father ; )
    Happy SITS day!

  22. Dana

    I see the Chocolate pb in your fridge for PB and company – that stuff is the best! I love it with a tart apple. Hope you have a fabulous SITS day!

  23. greenlisa9989

    The cookies sound great – I’m gonna make mine with dark chocolate! I too am running on a treadmill these days and it is SO boring! You should do a post on how to make it more fun – I am totally open to suggestions. Happy SITS day and Happy Holidays.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! I am looking for ways to make it more fun – so far running as fat as I can for 2 miles is the only thing I have come up with – I used to run 5-6 miles on a treadmill at the gym when I used to belong to one. Kim @ a day with KT said that she watched movies when she was on the treadmill – which is a pretty goo idea!
      Merry Christmas Lisa

  24. Hi! New follower from SITS – congrats on your day!

  25. Those cookies do look really good.

    I have been so cold lately too. I cannot get over how cold the entire country has been. We just moved to NJ where they said they hadn’t gotten snow for the last two years and now we have head snow twice in the last week! What is this madness!

  26. love the peppermint with peanut butter combo!

  27. Those cookies sound divine! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy SITS Day!

  28. i have been wanting to make something like this for a while – was it sweet enough?

  29. I am eyeing all that nut butter! I only allow myself one jar at a time but I wish I had the option to make a choice in the morning! :)

    • You are probably making a very wise decision – I eat way way too much nutbutter! One of these days I am gonna have to resort to your philosophy so I can attack my addiction :)

  30. Nice blog–visiting from SITS! I’m lazy and don’t even work out but I loved the video of “Trick Shot Titus” as well and showed it to my husband. My son is the same age. And no, there is no such thing as too much nut butter!!

  31. What a perfect cookies for the holidays and for the peppermint lover! Great looking, festive cookie with all the right ingredients for the season!

  32. That recipe looks divine! I printed it off and put it in my book to try. Thanks fro sharing.

  33. So glad I’m not the only one a little behind on her shopping! :) stopping by from SITS. :) Awesome blog you have here!

  34. Can’t believe those are no-flour cookies! Also, I’ve never tried any kind of nut butter (other than pb, which I’m allergic to) and seeing your stash makes me want to change that!

  35. Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter is a favorite of mine, I love eating it by the spoonful too! These cookies look delicious!

  36. Lets start by stating the obvious- those cookies- amazing.

    Congrats on being featured- You truly deserve it, Shashi and I’m off to check it out right now! Thanks for the insight on that workout DVD- is it similar to p90x?

    • As always thank you Arman for your support and encouragement! Btw, unlike the cake, these cookies do not need a waiver ;)

      While P90X is more of a strength workout, Tapout is more like a cardio/core/bodystrength workout; in p90x if you use the right amount of weight – you can feel the burn for days after, but other than a slight shoulder soreness no burn even the day after with Tapout. Tapout is fun though – loads of variety – no repetition and loads of kicking, punching which can be challenging if ankle and wrist weights are used. There’s one move done with bands where we are told to pretend we are flipping tires – dude, that workout has got to be my fav!

  37. The cookies are great but I am picking up my jaw after watching that little boy shoot hoops. Unbelievable, hew in the world can he do that, thanks for sharing.

  38. Can I just say that those cookies scream “holiday tradition”!!!

  39. Hehe I made some peanut butter cookies recently too :) tis the season for delicious baking! These look great!

  40. Hoping you’re having a wonderful SITS Day Shashi! That video is seriously amazing! How the heck does he do it!?! Quite a talented little guy!

    I’m drooling over those cookies! You can never go wrong with peanut butter!!!!

  41. Kim

    I’m way behind on hitting up the SITS site but Happy SITS Day!!
    I think you already know – I love workout DVDs!!
    I hope it either warms up for you or your treadmill mojo comes back!

    • Thank You Kim!

      Oh yes – you are the workout DVD queen and my female fitness hero!
      This Saturday, am gonna try one of your tips and pop in a movie and see how that works out – hope you are having a good day

  42. You had me at peanut butter. :P Congrats on getting featured, love the sits community! And props to you for running on the treadmill, when it gets too cold, I simply don’t run. :P

  43. These look so delicious, no butter, just peanut butter. YUM! healthy too

  44. These cookies sound delicious with the peanut butter and two kinds of chips! I have too many nut butters in my fridge too : ) I like having a variety to choose from!!

  45. consuelohoneyandfigs

    a) It’s too cold tu run here as well :–(
    b) Give me your nut butter colection please!
    c) Those cookies oh gosh, what a great combo!

  46. I love love love the flavor combination of these cookies! I’ve never seen this combination before – so I definitely need to try these!

  47. I can’t believe these cookies have no flour in them – so easy to make too!

  48. These cookies sound perfect! Who needs flour when they’re packed with delicious nut butter? I wouldn’t miss it a bit. I would love to try these with almond butter too!

  49. Seriously, no flour? Wow, you’re the queen of cookies, I believe.

  50. Hi Shashi! Thanks so much for these awesome cookies!! I have to say I never would have thought to pair peppermint and peanut butter but they are truly amazing! And – I love that video of the basketball whizz. My son was almost that good when he was two – but he hasn’t been playing so much any more, kind of lost interest.

  51. This is a cookie matched in Heaven!

  52. These peanut butter cookies are to die for…

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