Thinking Out Loud #2

Ready for some random thoughts?
Today I am linking up with Amanda @ Running With Spoons after an extremely fun (for me at least) post last Thursday! Thank You Amanda for hosting!


You know those days when you are just plain tired…
When taking your vitamins, eating your oats and drinking your allotment of water does not seem to be helping your level of tiredness?
Well… today was one of those days for me!
Today I echo Loralei from The Gilmore Girls…


 So…last night my daughter and I had an intense debate as to the meaning of the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”tumblr_mu7xpwkZ7G1qkxrtro4_1280
Her take was that it meant doing something for someone not knowing it was what they wanted done; for example, getting a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate for someone who did not like chocolate. My take was that someone merely expressed their intention to do something, but never did anything; for example, saying you wanted to get someone a bar of Ritter Sport Chocolate for their birthday but not actually getting them anything. Aaaaaand…we sure could use some help mediating….

Today I managed to squeeze in 2 runs – one 2.5 miler at 5 am on a treadmill and another 2.5 miles outside in the evening (lame attempt at trying to shake my tiredness).

It is going to be 71 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) here in Atlanta on SundayLaughing! Oh Yeah! Highs have been in the 40′s and 50′s here so my Sri Lankan roots are reveling! I think this is one day I am not gonna mind the rain!


I got off early from work today …. to try on silly hats with my daughter … I didn’t think there would be photographic evidence – but here goes!

Hoping yall managed to do something that made yall smile today! Smile

Care to weigh in on the quote “it’s the thought that counts”?

Have you ever been so tired that even a workout didn’t help? 

Would you rather it be sunny and freezing or raining and warm?

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58 Responses to Thinking Out Loud #2

  1. It’s the thought that counts – A person being grateful after you or someone else does a sweet gesture for them.

    Ha Ha – the hat photo definitely put a smile on my face. Not only because you look adorable, but because we ended our post very similar to each other…. just like yesterday w/ our quinoa. =)

    • Thank you for weighing in Jessie!

      You are so right – I was reading your post earlier and it didnt even occur to me about our funny last picture! What’s that saying bout great minds…? :)

  2. This might not help but… I think both you and your daughter are sort of right… To me, “it’s the thought that counts” means that you had some kind of good intentions that didn’t exactly come out the way you wanted them to — whether that be a gift/gesture not having positive effects, or not actually materializing. I guess basically just things not panning out the way you thought they would.

    And I’m impressed that you’re still able to work out when you’re that tired! I’ve tried before, but my limbs end up feeling like they’re made of lead and I only end up even more tired.

    PS – your posts always manage to make me smile… even if you don’t have an adorable duck hat on in them ;)

    • Haha – thanks Amanda – I wasn’t sure if that was a duck hat or a chicken hat – that thing was so warm though and it was a 3-in-1: hat, scarf and gloves!

  3. I think you and your daughter are both right! At least, I’ve heard it used both ways. And yay for such nice weather! I’m super jealous.

    • Thanks Joanne – my daughter and I are gonna have to wrestle this one out! ;)
      The weather has been so unusual here this year! But I will take 70+ anyday anytime

  4. For me, ‘it’s the thought that counts’ would be when somebody gets another person a gift with best intentions yet the receipient doesn’t like/need it at all. And yes, I have a very specific happening from several Christmases ago in mind here ;).
    I was actually seriously tired yesterday yet went to the gym in anyway because I hadn’t been on Tuesday. Even though I didn’t feel like it before
    I knew it might benefit me – and it did. But there are days when I know rest is best and won’t force myself.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with that duck hat – you’re cute :).

    • Miss Polkadot – I agree that that’s the way it should be, but some people I know use it to justify them not taking the initiative to actually do or get something – hence my take on it.
      Sometimes rest is best for sure! I need to work on that part.
      And thank you – my daughter tOok that picture aNd then posted it on FB! :)

  5. I’m super-impressed you rise so early so you can run at 5am – I’m sound asleep at that time of the morning. Love the photo of you with the hat! xx

  6. I think it can work both ways. To me I guess it means that as long as you had good intentions or thought of the person or what they wanted, then that is what counts – oh well, either way it’s the thought hehe.
    Aaw, love the silly hat on you and yay for warmer weather! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week Shashi :)

  7. I agree with you on the quote. I have always interpreted it to mean that you intended or thought to do something (something good) but never carried through with it.

  8. What a fun post, Shashi! I need not one cup but a pitcher of coffee!! And yes, I have already smile: Thank you for it!!!! :) Merry Christmas, my dear!

  9. Hi Shashi,
    Love the hat on you. So cute!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Aww – thanks Asmita!
      Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy and healthy 2014!
      {And the launch of Compulsive Cookies – online cookie ordering ;) }

  10. I think your at my favorite store ;) I always find the best deals and random goodies there! Have you ever tried shopping at Marshalls? Very similar with a lot of great knick-knacks. Especially in the foodie section!


    • By fav store – do you mean Ross? Funny you mentioned Marshalls – we ran through the aisles there and at TJMaxx before making our way to Ross.
      I do love all three of them – GREAT “knick-knacks” everywhere!
      Thanks Ashley

  11. That hat is hilarious!!! And I’m jealous of your weather…I will be in -30 degree celcius weather as of tomorrow. Why couldn’t the bf be from a warmer state?!?!

  12. Kim

    I’m sort of like Amanda – I think you are both pretty much right about the “thought that counts”. In your daughter’s case, she had the right idea but just didn’t know the persons likes/dislikes. In your case – that seems to be my life but I’m working on more follow through!!!

  13. WOW I wish my forecast looked like that…but mine is nothing even close to that :) Love the hat

  14. LOVE the pic with the hats! Makes me smile :) Also, I think I’d probably gravitate towards the first definition of “the thought that counts”, but I am probably more guilty of committing the second!

    • Hahaha – So glad to know it made you smile! But that hat was so super warm! I told my daughter if I got it, I wouldn’t ever take it off in winter! She totally freaked at that – made me put it back!

  15. I am definitely with your daughter on that one – doing something with the right intention, but doing the wrong thing is still a worthy act. But thinking about doing something good and not doing it gets no kudos in my book.

    • I agree totally with “thinking about doing something good and not doing it gets no kudos”, but in my experience with others – it seems to be that they use it to justify not doing anything….hence “my take”.
      Thanks so much Sandra for stopping by

  16. Shashi- I am laughing here for the most stupid reason. You firstly mentioned ‘Gilmore Girls’ then you mentioned an interaction with your daughter. Mirroring the show ;)

    Regarding the weather- I always want what we don’t have…when it’s cold- I want heat. When it’s hot, I want snow.

    You should get that hat- its borderline amazing.

    • No -it’s so NOT stupid Arman!!! I must say you are the only one who got my inference!!! Remind me to give you a pat on the back when you come toAtlanta next year!
      I love warm – no make that HOT weather! I never have been tired of it – I spent most of my teen years in a place that was hot and running in 114+ degree weather was not uncommon – so when its like 40 degrees here – I am literally turning into an ice pop! I wanted to get that super warm hat – but made the mistake of telling my daughter that I would wear it everyday during winter – the look on her face was priceless – but she freaked! Certain things in life we gotta compromise on :)

  17. Sash, you look super cool (and funny) with that yellow bird hat on, did you get it?
    As to the weather, I guess I’m quite conservative. I like cold and snow in the winter and hot and sunny in the summer.

    • The first winter snow storm my sister was in NYC (moved there from GA) she called into work to confirm that they would be closed and she was baffled when they said she was supposed to be coming in! In Atlanta when theres snow everything shuts down…including myself :)
      Nah I didn’t get the hat – I LOVED it, but when I mentioned wearing it all through the rest of winter, my daughter freaked!

  18. I agree with BOTH you and your daughter…the intention was set..with a feeling..and there was a thought of doing something for someone. the thought of it is what counts :)

  19. We can give you a bit of our heat! It was sweltering today although I prefer it to the freezing cold! :)

  20. after reading this great post all we can say is we love visiting and reading your adorable blog…it is always a pleasure :-)

  21. It’s supposed to be 77 here this weekend! It’s insane! It’s December and supposed to be cold and maybe even snowing! haha

    I love the picture of you in the hat – making me smile over here : )

  22. It’s going to be close to 70 here in NYC on Sunday, whats up with this weather? That hat is too funny, practical with the hand warming aspect though.
    I always applied that saying to gifting, especially when the gift is not to your liking you have to remember that someone gave it to you with thoughtful and good intentions and that is what is important not the physical gift.

  23. The weather seems to be all of the place in every neck of the woods. Here in California, its been unseasonably cold…low 50′s dipping into the 40′s at night.

    “Its the thought that counts” to me means I missed the mark with my thought which is why as much as I can, I do my best to find out what people actually want, need and like. For example, I’m participating in a white elephant gift exchange. Sure I could’ve gone out and purchased anything or what I thought this person would like then chalk it up to “its the thought that counts” if they didn’t like it, want it or need it. Instead, I made a quick phone call to their close friend to find out what they need so that my thought would actually count. “Its the thought that counts” can be used as a good excuse for poor execution. Does that make sense?

    I had a blazing headache the other day and I was tired but I went to the gym anyway and felt much better after. Working out always makes me feel better.

    Merry Christmas Shashi and thanks for showing my blog some comment love today. Nice hat!

    • You are so welcome – and thank you for returning the comment love, Yvonne!
      I so agree “Its the thought that counts can be used as a good excuse for poor execution” or sometimes no execution!
      Oooh thats cold for Cali – my daughter and I visited San Fran a few years back and were shocked that there were no AC’s in the hotel rooms – over the next few days we found out why :)
      Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

  24. You look lovely with that cute hat! I like the title ‘Thinking aloud…I can hear you.

    • Thanks so much Sanjeeta! Thinking out loud is actually the brain child of Amanda @ running with spoons….I was merely linking up …care to join next time?

  25. I personally feel that its the thought that counts yet to each its own and how its justified. You re looking good with the hat and surely have lots going on in your life. Isn’t that how life is suppose to be, make it interesting in our own ways.

  26. I missed your blog while I was away!!
    I had always thought of “it’s the though that counts” in the same way that you do, but I like the different perspective that your daughter’s view gives. I had never thought of it that way!
    I’m so jealous of your weather… Last time I ran, it was cold enough to make my phone start randomly turning off haha! Happy Sunday! :)

    • Hiya Alex!!!
      I am glad to see your sunny face around here again – your sweet comments were missed! Merry Christmas to you and your family and fingers crossed for warmer running weather for you too!

  27. kitchenriffs

    That’s a great hat! Hope you got it. ;-) And that’s a perfect illustration for what I think the whole “thought that counts” means – someone has good intentions, but the result is lame. So do you excuse them being clueless? Or educate them? That’s the more difficult question! Fun post – thanks.

    • Haha – Thanks John – but no I didn’t get it – I told my daughter I was gonna wear it EVERYDAY for the rest of winter and she put it back – I gotta compromise on some things eh?! :)
      You bring up a good point … I guess it depends on the friendship/person – if its a close friend then I would think educate them, but if its not – then excuse them?

  28. Silly hat, and you look adorable! It’s been heating up here this weekend, today it was 65 degrees, pretty wild for December! Per “thought that counts” I always saw it more in the way that your daughter thinks of it as, but I can see both ways to be honest! Have a great holiday!

    • Haha – Pamela – this silly hat was so warm!
      I love this warm weather…just hope we dont get snow – unlike NYC,Atlanta shuts down – no plows not enough salt trucks…GAH!
      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  29. I consider “It’s the thought that counts” to include both of those scenarios. Love the silly hat! We had pretty much the same weather you did yesterday. Warm, but lots of rain.

    • Thanks Christin – I loved that silly hat!
      Not sure I loved the rain though…it poured ALL day here yesterday….but today looks like the sun might show its face :)

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